Salt Creek physical therapy services

Senior Physiotherapy

At Salt Creek Rehab, our goal is to provide our patients with the highest quality of care, with an emphasis on personalized, professional service. 

It is about mobility

We educate our patients in overall wellness and teach our patients injury prevention. We also provide work hardening and work condition rehab. 

Strategic planning

After a thorough evaluation, our Physical Therapists will educate you on your injury & establish a strategic plan of care, with your goals in mind. Salt Creek Rehab staff will implement the plan of care and engage treatment designed for proficiency. 

We help our Patient's gain strength, balance, coordination, mobility, and an increased range of motion. 

Physical therapy is an extremely important part of your progress and to your road to recovery! We are here to help you throughout your treatment and beyond. We will educate you about your problem, show you how to correct it, and how to maintain your accomplishments. 


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