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Click here for list of cities & zip codes within 35 miles of Salt Creek Fitness & Rehab in Osage City, Kansas. Just south of Topeka, Kansas.

Salt Creek Fitness & Rehab offers much more than physical therapy - we also understand how difficult it is to recover. We will help you recover and rehabilitate every step of the way! Our physical therapists serve the Topeka Area, Osage City, Kansas, and surrounding communities.

At Salt Creek Fitness & Rehab, our main focus is YOU! We are here to help you throughout your treatment and beyond. We will educate you about your problem, show you how to correct it, and how to maintain your progress. Physical therapy is an extremely important part of your progress and road to your recovery. For the best physical therapy in Kansas, visit with our clinic today.

Topeka Kansas Physical Therapy, Osage County KS  

Our treatment areas include:Pre & Post Surgery, Accidents, Vestibular Balance, Headaches, Balance, TMJ, Pain in Joints & Muscles, Overall Wellness, Sports Medicine.

We contract with most major insurance companies, including Medicare and the State of Kansas Medicaid.

Our Physical Therapists, located south of Topeka, Kansas, serve several communities, such as Physical Therapy in Osage City, KS, Overbrook, South of Topeka, Vasser, Lyndon, Quenomo, Scranton, Council Grove, and Burlingame.





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Physical Therapy - Rehabilitation - Fitness - All in one! Salt Creek Fitness & Rehab. Physical Therapy south of Topeka, Kansas.

For the best physical therapy in Kansas, the best physical rehabilitation near Topeka, Kansas - Contact Salt Creek Fitness and Rehab!

Sports Medicine, Total Knee, Headaches, Pain in Joints & Knees, Balance, & Overall wellness!