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Kansas Sports Medicine and Massage Therapy


Salt Creek Fitness Club provides you with all the tools you need to reach your health & wellness goals, from state-of-the-art fitness equipment, exercise classes, tanning, and secure access for members 24 hours a day.  


Our highly trained staff will assist all members with the proper use and technique of all equipment. We do not charge to make sure you are using the equipment correctly because we want to help you succeed! Salt Creek Fitness Club also provides a cardio theater system for all members to enjoy as well as full men's and women's shower and locker room facilities.


  We use all Cybex equipment which was designed and engineered by the world's foremost sports scientists, physicians, thearpists, trainers, and athletes. Products and programs are designed and engineered to reflect the natural movement of the human body, assisting each unique user, from the professional athlete to the first time exerciser, to improve daily human performance.





Affordable memberships available for students, singles, couples, families, and seniors.

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104 West 4th Street Osage City, KS 66523

Physcial Therapist, Rehabilitation, and Full Fitness Club -  located south of Topeka, Kansas in Osage City!

Affordable memberships available  for students, singles, couples, families, and seniors.


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Full service fitness center offers a fantastic way to take over your health once and for all! Call Salt Creek Fitness & Rehab for more information. We offer 24/7 access to the club & its equipment.